COVID19 has caused a shortage of Service Loaner availability.  We cannot guarantee that a Service Loaner will be available for your appointment.  Please prepare an alternative method of transportation if a Service Loaner cannot be provided.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  We will be working diligently to replenish our Service Loaner supplies as soon as the vehicles become available from our Manufacturer.

Porsche of Arlington is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

It is with this intent that we offer our clients the following alternatives for transportation while their vehicle is at the store for service:

  • Service clients may utilize our shuttle for trips to and from the Crystal City Metro, or local areas surrounding the dealership. The shuttle operates during normal business hours from Monday to Saturday within a 5 mile radius of the dealership.

Porsche of Arlington service clients that are having their Porsche serviced under the terms of the Porsche New and CPO Limited Warranty may receive alternate transportation during their service visit. Any service vehicles over ten (10) model years will not be eligible for the Porsche Loaners, Enterprise, Taxi, or Uber/Lyft re-imbursement. Alternative transportation will not be provided for vehicles involved in accidents in need of body shop work. We have several different alternative transportation services available to our eligible clients:

  • Porsche of Arlington maintains a fleet of Porsche Loaner Cars for our eligible clients. Porsche Loaners are provided to customers based upon the order of arrival and write up. Every attempt will be made to provide a Porsche Loaner Car during a service visit; however, there may be circumstances when no Porsche Loaners are available. In these circumstances, an eligible client can wait for the next available Porsche Loaner or select another alternative transportation solution.
  • Another form of alternate transportation is a rental vehicle through Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Porsche of Arlington is pleased to provide this complimentary service to for a maximum of 24 hours to eligible clients.
  • Eligible clients may opt to receive up to $30 per service visit for a taxi, Uber, or Lyft fare to and from Porsche of Arlington. A receipt for reimbursement is required.

If the maintenance/service work is scheduled for less than two hours we do request clients to wait in our client waiting area in the main showroom. Complimentary beverages, computers, and Wi-Fi connection are available at no charge to service clients.

General Rules for Porsche Loaners:

  • Due to insurance regulations, the drivers of loaner vehicles must be 21 years of age.
  • Only the person (s) named on the agreement are permitted to operate the loaner car.
  • Eligible clients must also provide their valid U.S. or State Department driver's license, a current insurance card for the vehicle being serviced and a valid credit card in their name to receive a loaner.
  • Porsche of Arlington does NOT provide primary auto liability, collision and comprehensive insurance. If the insurance information provided by the client does not provide adequate coverage, the client agrees to pay for all injury, damage or loss caused.

Non-Negotiable Charges for Porsche Loaners (TSV):

This Supplementary Disclosure clarifies certain NON-NEGOTIABLE charges and restrictions related to your use of the Temporary Substitute Vehicle (TSV) provided by Porsche of Arlington:

REFUELING - TSV needs to be returned to dealership with same fuel level as when vehicle was provided to you. Refueling cost will be $5.99 per gallon. *Subject to change based on daily market price.

TSV RETURN - You will be notified once your vehicle is ready. TSV must be returned by 9.00 a.m. the morning after notification. Failure to do so will result in a charge of $75, with additional charges of $75/day incurred thereafter until TSV is returned.

DAMAGE - TSV will be inspected once it is returned to ensure there is no new damage. Please make sure TSV is checked in and inspected BEFORE you leave the dealership. A check-in sheet will be provided to you upon request. Whenever possible, avoid returning TSV after business hours. Any new damage found during check-in will be your responsibility.

TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS - While TSV is in your possession, you are expected to adhere to all local and state laws. Any unpaid tolls, parking or speeding tickets issued while TSV is in your care, custody and control will be your responsibility. An administrative fee of $35 dollars will be added to the total amount of the fine and/or late fees.

NO SMOKING - The dealership has a strict no smoking policy for all TSVs and does not permit smoking in these vehicles. If you return TSV with evidence of smoking (odor, burns, stains), you will be charged a cleaning fee of up to $250.

NO PETS - The dealership has a strict no-pets policy for all TSVs and does not permit pets in these vehicles. If you return TSV with evidence of the presence of pets, you will be charged a cleaning fee of up to $250.

MILEAGE ALLOWANCE - TSV is intended for normal use only. Maximum daily allowance of 75 miles/day. Failure to adhere to this restriction will result in a mileage charge of $1.00/mile beyond average of 75 miles/day. Violation of this policy may result in the dealership no longer providing TSVs for future service appointments. This dealership uses GPS tracking.

INSURANCE - In the event your insurance information is inaccurate and/or if coverage on your insurance policy does not provide primary auto liability, collision, and/or comprehensive coverage, including, but not limited to Diminished Value coverage, you agree to pay for all injury, damage, and/or loss, including Diminished Value, caused to the TSV and to any third parties involved.  The Dealership does not provide the primary insurance, GEICO customers specifically acknowledge this. The dealership will not provide any insurance information to GEICO or any other insurance companies.  If there is any damage to the TSV, your deductible will be collected immediately. 

DIMINISHED VALUE - You agree to pay the dealership the diminished value (DV) of the TSV.  "Diminished Value" is the difference between the market value of the vehicle before damages and the market value of the vehicle after it is damaged and repaired.  Attorney's Fees and Costs. The undersigned Customer and the dealership agree that should any Diminished Value (DV) action be instituted by the dealership against the undersigned Customer, and should the dealership prevail on such action, the dealership shall be entitled to all of its expenses related to such litigation including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees and costs, both before and after judgment.

PERSONAL USE ONLY - I understand that the TSV is for my personal use while my vehicle is being serviced. I specifically understand and agree that the TSV will not be used for any COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, such as taxi, Uber, Lyft or any other transportation services, delivery vehicle, etc. If I violate this prohibition the dealership will charge me a MILEAGE AND A $250 PER DAY USAGE PENALTY, and I will be disqualified from future TSV privileges.