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Lease Return FAQs:

I have a few months remaining on my Porsche lease, can I trade it in for a new model early?
Some models are eligible for early lease return when leasing a new model. View our Early Lease Return Loyalty Program Page for more details.

What are my options at lease-end?
Return: You may return your vehicle to Porsche Arlington on or before your lease maturity date. Please note, all contractual payments will need to be satisfied upon return. 

Purchase: If you choose to cash purchase your vehicle, you may obtain a payoff by contacting Porsche Arlington. The payoff documents will include an odometer statement which will need to be filled out and emailed to pfs.customerservice@porsche.com. This will ensure that we are able to release your title.

What should I bring when returning my Porsche vehicle?
Please bring both key fobs, owner's manual, and all removable options and accessories.

What do I need to do to return my vehicle at lease-end? 
Contact Porsche Arlington 30 days prior to your lease maturity date to schedule your lease-end vehicle return.

What if I made any after market changes or modifications to my vehicle?
Any after-market modifications will need to be removed, and the vehicle will need to be returned to its original condition at the time of lease origination. Any after-market modifications left on the vehicle at return are subject to charge.

Do I return my license plates when I turn in my vehicle?
If you are a resident of New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Massachusetts, please be aware that we will require a plate return receipt after the return of your vehicle. Be sure to verify with Porsche Arlington if we will be turning in your plates and remitting a plate return receipt on your behalf.


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